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In Market Since 2010, We have seen Multiple Companies who provide Technical Calls. but Many of you has burnt their portfolio by using their tips. Yes Market Follows Technical Charts But it can not predict Future

Technical Research

Yes, Market Follows Technical Charts But it can not predict Future. they have some set of Indicators by putting those indicators with some self-made Strategy many of them claim for Sureshot profit. but is it working in live market? if it works all the time then making a profit was so easy just learn a few strategies and earn unlimited money. But It Actually not Like this. Market Does Not Follow Any Strategy. its completely game of Demand and Supply and Volume of Demands if Increases then Market will go up and if Volume of Demands Increases then Market will turn Down.

is it this much simple?

No, then how to Measure Volume Right?

See First of All we got to know that Volume Affects Market. And Volume Depends upon Technical and Fundamentals as well as rumors. so now I talked about Fundamental so let me clarify what Fundamental Research is,

Fundamental Research :

Fundamental Research Tips Provider what they do, they research what kind of data has to be released and what kind of Economic News are there in comparison of reality they provide. and as well as they do a comparison with previous data with current data and predict about the future. so is it 100 Accurate Commodity Tips No its not, as per previous data and some successful Fundamental Data Analyst they have proven only 45 to 55 % Accurate Prediction overall. now a Big Question is then what is 100% Sure Shot and Genuine Commodity Tips Provider

Volume Based Trading Calls

Yes, I have already mentioned about Demand and Supply game of the Market and think that how can we generate Volume, is it Possible for an Individual to generate volumes of 10000 cr or 100000 cr in Commodity No right?